Dan Amezcua

Professional Photographer | Videographer

My kids used to say I was born “back in the nineteens”.

I have an odd story that I don’t think many people would believe. I was born to a fairly poor family where I watched my dad work his butt off day in and out trying to become a top newscaster in his field. I remember thinking that everyone’s parents worked on TV.  My dad kept moving us every few months to a new state where he would try his luck with a new network and station. By the time I was in high school, my dad had landed his dream spot working in Los Angeles where he soon became one of the top News Anchors.

Dan Amezcua shooting with Supermodel Christen Harper
Dan Amezcua with actor Tom Arnold

I spent a lot of time following my dad around trying to learn his craft. I used to get up at 3am to go to work with him at KTLA where I would help out with sorting scripts for the anchors to read.  In LA, you will meet all sorts of characters. I have crazy stories ranging from car accidents with Heather Locklear to playing Enter Sandman with Tom Arnold at my house. But nothing quite as odd as actually reporting the news for my dad while he surfed with Peter Townend.

Not going to lie, I hated every second of standing there, live on TV, not having a clue what to say. I spent a few years thinking about that moment. It wasn’t until I worked in Salt Lake City as a cameraman circa 2005 that I realized why. (I will get to that in a second)

In 1998, I worked as a video editor for a small production company called Video Effects Group. I was the grunt there, so I got all of the crappy work. I learned a lot about video production by working day in and day out with shoddy video and audio.

I had a lot of fun working there. We were able to do fun things like Blink 182 videos, shooting infomercials, TV shows…you name it.

I had worked my way up to Senior Video Editor at Video Effects Group. But my new life took me away to Utah where the video world was not a hot market. So I dabbled in web design, marketing, and photography.

I was given an opportunity to work at a local TV station in Salt Lake City. It was there that I learned something important about myself. That moment where I was doing the news for my dad while he was surfing, even as a fun joke segment, brought me full circle to this moment. I hate working on live TV. My dad, my sister, my friends…everyone seemed to be able to thrive in a live environment. I, on the other hand, wanted to be able to refine and finesse things like I had done at my previous editing job in Los Angeles. Even though projects were still time-sensitive, I really enjoyed being able to make things look perfect before the world was allowed to see what I had been working on.

In 2005, I started a luxury real estate website. I drove around everywhere taking pictures of mansions and writing articles about these homes. The website was a huge hit. But the market crash of 2008 brought my site to its knees.

So in 2010, I was asked to shoot some photos for a bridal wedding portfolio for a special lady who would someday turn out to be my wife. Her spark led me to want to do photography for the rest of my life.

Since then, I have been able to work with celebrities, shoot supermodels, land photos on the cover of magazines and newspapers, and love every minute of it.


Provo Utah Mansion