20+ years ago, I set out to be a video editor in Los Angeles… 

What started out as a career as a production video editor turned into a career in photography. When I first set out to be a video editor, I wanted to be the best in town. I immediately became Avid certified and worked tirelessly to learn everything I could from all of the pros I worked along side. I taught myself video editing but then taught myself photoshop, HTML, InDesign, Illustrator you name it. I wanted to be a leading designer in the arts community.

As I continued my career as an editor, I found myself learning how to compose shots from all of the  terrible work that was being submitted to me. I started going out on shoots learning the ropes in video production. 

I took a detour for a number of years and worked in marketing as a web designer. Circa 2008, I started a successful luxury real estate website which launched me back into doing photography. At random, I found myself being asked to take portfolio photos for a hairstylist. From that day forward, I worked tirelessly to learn everything I could about lighting, posing, photography, editing…you name it. I wanted to be involved in every project I could so I could keep learning. 

Since those days, I have had my photos grace the cover of magazines, receive award nominations and even win awards. I continue to drive my passions forward and work tirelessly to do the best work I can for my clients. 

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