Fashion and beauty photographer Daniel Amezcua

Who is Dan Amezcua?

As the son of a prominent TV personality, I grew up in the arts/entertainment/media industry. At the age of 21, I started out as a video editor for a small studio in Los Angeles. I learned a lot about getting the right shot from not always receiving the best work from our cameramen. After about a year of working as an editor I was sent out on location to shoot with crews. I learned to enjoy trying out new things and discovered how much I loved photography and design. My love for this work ended up growing into other design fields as well over time.

Photographic Style:

My photographic style is composed of images that captivate from a sense of emotion and style. My work is the culmination of sharp attention to detail, precise lighting, and a strong yet refreshing visual sense.

Photography Equipment

Nikon D800, Nikon 105mm 2.8 Macro, Nikon 12-24mm, Nikon 50mm 1.4, Mac, Adobe Suite

My philosophy:

If the shot evokes the right emotion then you have the right shot.

Fun Facts:

All business aside, a few things you may not know about me. I love to snowboard, surf, skateboard…board things. I was in a band called Chase that had a large following and was a fun band to be in. I have played guitar since I was 7 and still enjoy rippin it up on anything worth listening to. I enjoy being around beaches and mountains. I love being around areas that are scenic. I love the outdoors. Some other interesting things about me: I speak 5 languages. I have lived all over the world and all over the US. My favorite place on earth is Kauai (Princeville)

“I have worked with Daniel Amezcua on a few projects, and have been extremely pleased with the end product as well as throughout the project’s process. He is easy to communicate with, takes art direction very well, and adds his own fresh perspective to every subject shot. We had a transportation problem on an out-of-town shoot and our time frame was really compromised. However, he was able to organize and manage the models along with onsite employees in a very short time period and deliver amazing results. Because of Daniel’s artistic eye, technical knowledge, and interpersonal skills I would recommend him for any project. “

Haylie Christensen
Creative Director

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