I have been lucky enough to know the guys from AWOLNATION in some cases for a lifetime. The bassist in the band happens to be my brother. The singer (Aaron Bruno) and guitarist (Drew Stewart) went to high school with me. I have seen this band progress over the years. I saw them play a party in my backyard that will forever go down as one of the best parties I have ever been to. I saw them play a tiny club in Salt Lake City. I now get to enjoy seeing them fill stadiums. I am seriously proud of their efforts to keep trying and never give up. On this occasion, the band was playing a show at the Nokia Center in Los Angeles. They were headlining a tour with a relatively unknown band at the time Imagine Dragons. To this day I am pissed that the photog from Rolling Stone magazine was in the right place for an epic shot of Aaron jumping into the crowd…que sera sera. I lived, I learned. These are the shots I got from that show.