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This is for an editorial collection we did to launch the CBC Collective with the new CBC Tools. Chrystofer Benson, one of the most sought after names in the hair world, launched a new brand this year. To really send the new brand out with a bang, he pulled the team together from across the country and made this one hell of a shoot.

Although I had previously worked with Stacy on a shoot for a pilates company, this was the first real chance to shoot with her. Not only is she an amazing model but she is phenomenally fantastic to have around on set as she is a really upbeat/fun person.

Esteem Academy

March 5, 2014

“We are creating a “New Culture” in the Cosmetology field through our positive approach to learning.” ― Esteem Academy

A lot of people ask me whats it like working with all these “beautiful models”. I think its a funny question that I will have to answer in a separate blog post.

Emma was a model that I wanted to work with for a while. When she asked me to shoot, I couldnt have been more excited. I tried to put together a team to pull together this shoot but couldnt make anything happen. The photos that follow are basically just Emma and I making things up as we went along. Sometimes, my favorite shots come from these random moments.

High Fashion Low Budget

April 12, 2012

This was from a test shoot with a model named Brooke. We pieced together an outfit out of what we had available in the studio that day. As it turned out we had some black tulle dresses that we used and then using a red gel and a blue gel we added some mood to the image.