Avant Garde Shoot With Chrystofer Benson

Avant Garde Photoshoot with Chrystofer Benson

The images below are from the shoot with Chrystofer and the CBC Team.

noun: avant-garde

new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them.
“works by artists of the Russian avant-garde”

adjective: avant-garde

favoring or introducing experimental or unusual ideas.
“a controversial avant-garde composer”
synonyms: innovative, original, experimental, left-field, inventive, ahead of the times, cutting/leading/bleeding edge, new, modern, innovatory, advanced, forward-looking, state-of-the-art, trend-setting, pioneering, progressive, Bohemian, groundbreaking, trailblazing, revolutionary; More

Test Shoot With Supermodel Stacy Beth Lobb

Although I had previously worked with Stacy on a shoot for a pilates company, this was the first real chance to shoot with her. Not only is she an amazing model but she is phenomenally fantastic to have around on set as she is a really upbeat/fun person.

I really hope that I have more opportunities in the future to work again with this amazing model!

Esteem Academy

“We are creating a “New Culture” in the Cosmetology field through our positive approach to learning.” ― Esteem Academy

I absolutely enjoyed meeting the crew on this day of shooting. Darci, is an amazing instructor, teaching students to be the best they can be.

The following are some misc shots from our fun day of shooting together.

Photoshoot with Model Shaliece Schwemmer

A lot of people ask me whats it like working with all these “beautiful models”. I think its a funny question that I will have to answer in a separate blog post. For now, as an example, working with Shaliece is one of those examples of a model who gets it. She recognizes modeling as a career choice and takes it seriously. It is such a relief to work with models who take their craft seriously.  When a model knows their job and studies it, I get to do my job which is focusing on the photography. Although I met Shaliece in Utah, she is a international model that is currently working in Miami and is signed by an agency in Germany. I wish her the best of luck on her journey. I think she will be very successful.

Check out Shaliece on her Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/shaliece7. You can also find her at Major Models in Munich. People2People Austria

Fashion Model Test Shoot – Emma Jones


Recent Utah transplant, Emma Jones, first test shoot with Dan Amezcua

Emma was a model that I wanted to work with for a while. When she asked me to shoot, I couldnt have been more excited. I tried to put together a team to pull together this shoot but couldnt make anything happen. The photos that follow are basically just Emma and I making things up as we went along. Sometimes, my favorite shots come from these random moments.

One of my all time favorite models Emma Jones!

High Fashion Low Budget


Using tulle, simple fabric, and some colored gel lighting…we created some high fashion looks on a simple budget

This was from a test shoot with a model named Brooke. We pieced together an outfit out of what we had available in the studio that day. As it turned out we had some black tulle dresses that we used and then using a red gel and a blue gel we added some mood to the image.

Noun       high fashion  trend-setting fashions              

haute couture, high style
fashion  the latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics and behavior

Model Test Shoot – Vision Models – Courtney Remington


Model test shoot for Vision Models Los Angeles. Model is Courtney Remington

As an LA local, I grew up around the Remington family. I was already in High School when Courtney was born. So I did not get to know her over the years like I did with the rest of her family.

When I found out that Courtney was modeling, I looked into some of the stuff she had been doing and I was really excited and happy for her. The work she had done with other photographers was really fantastic.

So I jumped at the opportunity to shoot with her on one of my trips back to LA (I was sill living out of state at the moment). I met Courtney in Malibu, parked at least a zillion miles away from where we were shooting, and carried all of her wardrobe and my gear down to the beach.

The photos below are from the day of shooting with Courtney.

Model Test Shoot with Courtney Remington

Here are some more photos from the shoot with Courtney

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