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Actor Headshots with Jake Stormoen

Actor Jake Stormoen gets his acting headshot in Sundance Utah | Daniel Amezcua Photography

A few years ago I was able to take part in a short film involving one of the actors from Hellboy, Pans Labyrinth and the Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four. The actor was Doug Jones. Doug is the king of prosthetics. He keeps his cool under all those layers very well. However, he spends a lot of time mediating and resting so that he doesn’t ruin the layers of work that has been done to him. With all of this time that Doug was spending resting, I found myself constantly hanging out with this super, SUPER cool guy named Jake. Jake was another actor that was taking part in the film. At the time I had never heard of him but mark my words, this guy is going places.

Fashion Model Test Shoot – Emma Jones

Optimized Beautiful Model Emma Jones | Daniel Amezcua Photography

Emma was a model that I wanted to work with for a while. When she asked me to shoot, I couldnt have been more excited. I tried to put together a team to pull together this shoot but couldnt make anything happen. The photos that follow are basically just Emma and I making things up as we went along. Sometimes, my favorite shots come from these random moments.