I had been told a few weeks prior that a Portuguese actress would be in town and I could not wait to meet her. I lived in Portugal for a little over a year and speak fluent Portuguese. But here in the states, I dont get to practice it much. I was hoping she would let me practice a bit with her.

When I finally met Maria, she was the sweetest person and she honestly seemed very happy to speak Portuguese with me. Over the next couple of days I realized I didnt really know how to talk about photography/modeling in Portuguese so we just stuck to the basics. We decided it would be fun to do a shoot at the beach so that she could use the photos for Lux Magazine (a Portuguese magazine) about her trip to the Los Angeles area.

Working with Maria was a real treat. I hope to one day get to see her again and catch up on things!

The following are some misc other shots we also took on the day of the fashion shoot.