Model test shoot for Vision Models Los Angeles. Model is Courtney Remington

As an LA local, I grew up around the Remington family. I was already in High School when Courtney was born. So I did not get to know her over the years like I did with the rest of her family.

When I found out that Courtney was modeling, I looked into some of the stuff she had been doing and I was really excited and happy for her. The work she had done with other photographers was really fantastic.

So I jumped at the opportunity to shoot with her on one of my trips back to LA (I was sill living out of state at the moment). I met Courtney in Malibu, parked at least a zillion miles away from where we were shooting, and carried all of her wardrobe and my gear down to the beach.

The photos below are from the day of shooting with Courtney.

Model Test Shoot with Courtney Remington

Here are some more photos from the shoot with Courtney