A lot of people ask me whats it like working with all these “beautiful models”. I think its a funny question that I will have to answer in a separate blog post. For now, as an example, working with Shaliece is one of those examples of a model who gets it. She recognizes modeling as a career choice and takes it seriously. It is such a relief to work with models who take their craft seriously.  When a model knows their job and studies it, I get to do my job which is focusing on the photography. Although I met Shaliece in Utah, she is a international model that is currently working in Miami and is signed by an agency in Germany. I wish her the best of luck on her journey. I think she will be very successful.

Check out Shaliece on her Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/shaliece7. You can also find her at Major Models in Munich. People2People Austria