After walking into a Crate and Barrel store and seeing a roll of twigs, we decided we needed to make a crown out of these twigs and go hiking in the Utah mountains.

Single-handidly one of my favorite shoots ever. A few weeks prior to this shoot my wife and I had been walking through a Crate & Barrel store and she came across some twigs that were on sale. She came up with the idea to make a crown out of them. We bought the twigs and then fastened some longer twigs that we found around our neighborhood. We met with model Nikie and MUA Aspen McKenna at my studio before the shoot and started prepping before heading out into the woods. The photos show what came from that day.

You and I are not the polite people that live in poems. We are blessed and cursed by our times. ~Queen Guinevere, King Arthur

Some fun BTS shots from our photo shoot. On the left is my wife setting the crown on the models head. On the top right, my wife is helping the model climb up a cliffside with her long dress. Lastly, the famous selfie from the studio.